10 favorite: bikini brands

Anyone who knows me knows about my serious obsession with bikinis. Ever since I was little, I’ve liked wearing them more than regular clothes (peaked at the Limited Too tankini craze). I guess it’s because I’ve always associated bathing suits with being at the beach – and the beach is my happy place. Therefore bikinis = happiness 🙂 I always get asked where to get good ‘kinis’, so I figured I’d share my 10 favorite brands!


I’m a total bathing suit hoarder – I’m not sure why, but even if I’ve worn a top or bottom to it’s death (pilled, ripped, discolored), I just can’t let it go. I’m also not someone who typically spends a ton of money on single pieces of clothing, but for some reason I always splurge on bathing suits. This isn’t true of all types of clothing/accessories, but I’ve found that more expensive suits are made with better quality materials, which mean not only do they last much longer, but they’re so much more comfortable and flattering.

I mostly shop for bikinis online or while I’m away on a trip – usually found in a local surf shop. I guess they become a sort of souvenir to me – a constant reminder of the destination well after I’ve left. For example, I have this one bathing suit I got in Hawaii and whenever I wear it, I immediately think of when I got it and am momentarily transported back to being at Pipeline last year (one of my favorite days ever).

Here are 10 of my favorite bikini brands. Most of them are sold online (on their respective brand sites, Revolve, Swell, The Girl and The Water, etc.) or in little shops in beach towns & warm destinations

  1. L Space Swim: Tried and true, this brand has been my #1 since I first found it. I was in California and came across their first line in a little shop in Laguna and I’ve been a obsessed ever since. I have more L Space suits than any other brand – they fit like a glove and are so comfy.

         Here are two of my favorites (click image to shop!):

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 4.47.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-13 at 4.51.46 PM

2. Tori Praver. First of all, I love her (stalk her Insta and you will too). I just love the way her suits fit. The bottoms especially. Here’s a favorite (click to shop):

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.19.31 PM.png

3. Mara Hoffman Swim: Love these prints and they’ve lasted so many wears without fading! The one is on major sale (click image to get it):

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 4.54.41 PM.png

4. Maaji: Taking fun prints to a new level – and most are reversible. Nothing better than 2 for 1. Also, whatever fabric they use is like butter. This one is on my list:

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.21.27 PM.png


5. Volcom Swim: I don’t love love Volcom’s clothes, but I’ve always been drawn to their bikinis. They have prints that are a little more subdued compared to most women’s surf brands and fit well

6. Vix Swimwear: Vix is another one that’s all about the material. It’s so soft and comfortable. The one thing I’ve noticed with these are they’re not great for water sports – since the fabric is so soft, they tend to pill and get sand stained more easily. I reserve these suits for tanning and pool days

7. Mikoh: These probably win most beautiful in the bunch – but also most expensive. Mikoh’s founders know a thing or two about beach style (Kalani Miller is Kelly Slater’s long-time girlfriend). The bottoms are cut pretttty tiny, as are most Hawaiian brands – but they’re just so cute.

8. Body Glove: In my opinion, body glove suits are the best for days you plan to surf, swim, snorkel, etc. They stay in place and have enough coverage to avoid embarrassing slips that tend to happen in smaller kinis. They also last a long time. I’ve had my plain black triangle one forever and I wear it allll of the time.

9. Triangl: These suits had a huge moment in 2016, but for good reason. They come at a good price and in a fun, neoprene fabric (almost like wet suit material). I love the tops but the bottoms aren’t flattering on everyone (they kind of really cut into your hips ans bum, so maybe order a size up).

10. Seafolly: I have to be honest and say I don’t currently own a suit by this Australian brand, but after writing this post, I’m ordering one. I had heard about it before but I recently looked at their new line and it’s gorgeous. Plus, my girl crush and fellow bikini addict, Tash Oakley, loves it. So now I do too 🙂 This one is on my list:

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.27.23 PM.png




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